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Nvidia Continues To Develop Cg With Beta 2 Release Of Compiler And Toolkit

NVIDIA, based in Santa Clara, California, has released the beta 2 version of its Cg Compiler and Cg Toolkit for Cg, a high-level programming language for content creation developers. This new version of the compiler and toolkit, includes support for the OpenGL GL_ARB_vertex_program extension, and allows developers to create shaders in the Cg language specification and implement them in the OpenGL 1.4 application programming interface (API). The NVIDIA Cg Toolkit beta 2 also contains new Cg shader examples that are NVIDIA CineFX architecture-specific. CineFX is NVIDIA's next-generation graphics processing architecture. John Ratcliff, senior technology architect, Planetside, Sony Online Entertainment, commented on Cg's capabilities: "What's really exciting to us is that Cg and the NVIDIA Cg Compiler allow us to fully leverage new hardware architectures, like NVIDIA's CineFX. They also empower developers to share shader resources and to speed up the product development process. We've already integrated Cg into our Planetside engine and are using it to develop a massively online first person shooter game." For more information on the CineFX architecture, or to download the Cg Compiler beta 2, go to NVIDIA CEO Jen-Hsun Huang recently landed in the no. 12 spot on FORTUNE's 40 richest self-made Americans under 40. Joining a list that includes actor Tom Cruise (no. 19), golf pro Tiger Woods (no. 40) and Dell Computer CEO Michael Dell (no. 1), Huang told Fortune that he believes NVIDIA could someday become one of the most important tech companies in the world.