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NVIDIA And Evans & Sutherland Ally

NVIDIA Corporation and Evans & Sutherland Computer Corporation (E&S) have agreed to a broad strategic alliance under which NVIDIA will license its Shader Technology to E&S while acquiring key 3D graphics patents from the company. Additionally, the companies agreed to a broad cross-license of technology. The NVIDIA Shader Technology is a collection of patented 3D technologies enabling the creation of interactive, cinematic-quality realism through the use of highly programmable processing elements. Several basic components of the NVIDIA Shader Technology, particularly the first-generation programmable vertex and pixel shader, were earlier licensed to Microsoft for incorporation in the DirectX8 Application Programming Interface and established as an industry standard. Evans & Sutherland produces professional hardware and software to create highly realistic visual images for simulation, training, engineering, and other applications throughout the world. The agreement will allow E&S to focus more on these visual systems while allowing their general graphics technology entrance into other markets.