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Nvidia And Alias|Wavefront Announce Availability Of Maya Cg Plug-In

NVIDIA Corporation, and Alias|Wavefront, have made available a Cg plug-in that integrates advanced real-time shaders into Alias|Wavefront's Maya 4.5. Cg, also known as High Level Shading Language (HLSL), is a C-like high-level graphics programming language that allows 3D artists and content developers to create cinematic-quality images and interact with them in real-time. First shown at Siggraph in July 2002, NVIDIA co-developed the Maya Cg plug-in for Windows with Alias|Wavefront, to allow Maya 4.5 users to take advantage of the advanced hardware rendering capabilities of NVIDIA Graphics Processing Units (GPUs). The Maya Cg plug-in supports the CgFX file format (.fx) and automatically provides intuitive interface controls and semantics to users for editing shader effects in real-time. The new plug-in is now available for download at no cost from