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NVIDIA and Adobe Partner on New Production Studio

NVIDIA Corp. will offer its Quadro professional graphics to Adobe users through the newly announced Adobe Production Studio. NVIDIA and Adobe have established a strategic partnership that allows tighter integration between these hardware and software solutions in order to support industry initiatives, such as the recently announced Adobe OpenHD alliance.

"We've made a strategic investment in our joint resources with NVIDIA and developed our applications to take full advantage of the NVIDIA GPU, providing our customers the performance and feature required to accelerate HD production." said Simon Hayhurst, director of Video and Audio product management for Adobe. "Adobe Production Studio signals a new era in the content creation workflow by improving productivity, saving time and improving creative control, which is further enhanced by the tremendous graphics performance of NVIDIA Quadro solutions."

Adobe Premiere Pro 2.0 integrates GPU-accelerated desktop playback which dramatically enhances the workflow for editing HD video footage. Fundamental tasks, such as scaling and positioning multiple layers of video, color correction and cross-dissolve effects are all driven interactively on the GPU through the power of pixel shaders.

Adobe After Effects 7.0 builds upon a strong base of GPU acceleration in prior versions, by allowing artists to use the GPU for both high fidelity previews and final rendering. This latest version enables artists to work in a true 3D space, and offers comprehensive GPU acceleration of motion blur, lights, shadows, blending, color correction, blurs and matting. After Effects 7.0 also takes advantage of the memory on NVIDIA Quadro graphics cards to improve video playback performance and duration.

In addition, NVIDIA has developed a plug-in for use with After Effects 7.0 for the NVIDIA Quadro FX 4000 SDI, an integrated graphics-to-video solution used by broadcast, video and film professionals. This plug-in offers realtime preview of content being created, directly on standard or high definition SDI broadcast monitors, from within the After Effects application environment.

"Adobe Premiere Pro and After Effects users have an absolute need for fidelity," said Jeff Brown, general manager for NVIDIA professional products. "By leveraging the high precision characteristics of NVIDIA Quadro solutions, Adobe can deliver the performance and quality that its users demand for their video production needs."

NVIDIA also announced that it is now a member of the Adobe OpenHD alliance, which was created to deliver a line of certified Windows-based integrated HD solutions, making HD technology both affordable and accessible to a broader audience. NVIDIA Quadro solutions are the only graphics solutions certified for these Adobe OpenHD platforms, which offer turnkey systems that can provide users with the optimal "out-of-the-box" experience. Adobe will be featuring these graphics solutions in the upcoming Adobe Production Studio road show starting in February, where NVIDIA is a leading sponsor.

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