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nPower Releases Power Solids/Power Translators 2.0 for 3ds max/Viz

nPower Software launches v. 2.0 of Power Solids and Power Translators for 3ds Max/ Viz. Power Solids 2.0 supports 3ds max 6 in an effort to enhance 3D modeling. Power Solids introduces a state of the art precise CAD geometric modeling kernel into 3ds max. It performs dynamic tessellation at render time to generate the most precise and efficient representation. Power Solids and Power Translators data is very well suited for export back to CAD systems through nPower's STEP, IGES, SAT, Rhino data translation. Power Solids and Power Translators are powered by SMLib, a powerful NURBS-based solids modeling kernel from IntegrityWare.

Power Solids 2.0 contains the following new features:

* Dynamic Editing* Meshing Improvements* More Intuitive UI for 3ds max Users* New Filleting Tool with Variable Radius Filleting and Beautiful Organic Fillets (G1, G2, G3 continuity)* New Shelling/Offset Command* Snapping to Brep Edges/Vertices/Faces* New EditableBrep Object* Assembly Object* New Creation Objects* Quick Help

Power Solids makes 3D modeling fun with features like dynamic editing operations. You can manipulate BREP objects dynamically like a 3D sculptor, and watch the Booleans, fillets and other geometry being performed right before your eyes. Interactively sculpt your model, for instance, by moving Boolean operands dynamically, while viewing the result in realtime.

Power Solids 2.0 has a much faster mesh generation algorithm. It is able to produce extremely fine meshes very quickly. This release also has "QUAD Meshing" to produce nicely formed quads suitable for subdivision algorithms.

New shelling and filleting commands greatly simplify the process of selecting and filleting individual edges / faces. Power Solids also now provides a set of icons, snapping to BREP objects, dynamic sub-object editing and other "3ds max friendly" user interface improvements. Power Solids looks and feels like it was part of the original 3ds max product.

Filleting of individual edges and faces is easy with the new stand-alone filleting tool. Fillets are previewed in the graphics window to facilitate the process of setting and modifying fillets. The filleting tool also handles variable radius fillets and G1, G2, G3 continuity fillets. An example can be seen in the opposite column.

Power Solids now supports snapping to its BREP objects. You can snap to edges, faces, vertices, edge midpoint and end points, greatly facilitating associative construction techniques.

Like the Max Editable Mesh and Editable Poly commands, the Editable Brep command allows the user to easily manipulate sub-objects of the BREP. In addition, you can sew together faces, flip face normals and other editing options.

The new swung primitive allows users to revolve profiles around a non-circular path, making it easy to create extremely complex objects within a single command. The pipe primitive allows you to easily generate pipe shapes along a path. The new planar primitive supports planar surfaces.

Quick reference help is just a click away. In addition to the regular help files, they've added context- based quick help to the Power Solids dialogs.

Power Translators 2.0 contains the following new features:

* Assembly Support* Imports Large Files Much Faster* Batch Import with Mesh Generation* New EditableBrep Object* Manual Sewing of Import Data* Manual Cleanup of Surface and Face Normals* Normalize a Group of Face Normal Vectors

Turbo charge your 3ds max with Power Solids, and unleash the power of your creativity. Power Solids 2.0 and Power Translators 2.0 sell for $495. Power Solids is available for purchase at the nPower Software online store (, and through various resellers throughout the world. A free 30-day evaluation copy can be downloaded from the nPower Software Website at .

San Diego, California-based nPower Software LLC was founded by IntegrityWare Inc. ( to cater to the end-user graphics plug-in market.

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