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Not to Scale Paint for SCIB

Not to Scale’s directors Ubik have created two charming 30” commercials for the Egyptian paint company, ‘SCIB’.

Press Release from Not To Scale

Not to Scale’s directors Ubik have created two charming 30” commercials for the Egyptian paint company, ‘SCIB’.

Each commercial tells the story of an empty room waiting to be decorated.

The first room is a newly built apartment. As the camera moves around the empty walls our narrator tells the story of a young couple’s dreams and dramas over being able to buy their first apartment. The story is illustrated with paintings onto the walls, and we see the couple’s story play and animate around the room.

The second spot presents us with an empty bedroom in a period house. The story told around the walls is of a father who dreams of turning his spare room into a study, but his plans are altered when they have twin boys, we see the story of the boys lives animated on the walls before eventually his dream comes true when his sons leave home.At the end of each commercial we are presented with a fully decorated room.

The sets for both rooms were built and directed by Ubik at three Mills studios in East London. Each camera move was carefully planned at the CG pre-visualisation so the guys could ensure that the full narration could fit in the available film time whilst covering the aspect of moving around a room, the guys shot the film with DOP Simon Paul using a Cannon 5D on a milo motion control rig. The 2D animation was by Not To Scale’s regular 2D animation team in Flash, artworked in photoshop painstakingly one frame at a time and composited back into the film using in after effects at Not To Scale’s new Soho studio.  The final commercials were graded in Spirit at Glassworks.

The commercials will be aired in Egypt from September onwards.

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Production Company: Not To ScaleDirectors: UbikProducer: Lisa HillProduction Manger: Kelly FordAnimation: Geoff McDowall, Robert Milne, Maki YoshikuraCompositing: @Not To ScalePost Production: @Not To ScaleAgency: Leo Burnett CairoCreatives: Hesham Ellabban/ Mohamed KamalDOP: Simon PaulGrade: Ben Rogers at Glassworks

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