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Norway's First CG Feature To Hit Theaters in April

Produced by Storm Studio, SLIPP JIMMY FRI (FREE JIMMY), Norway's first CG animated feature, is set to premiere in Norway on April 21, 2006. Written and directed by underground cartoonist Christopher Nielsen, the films $16 million budget also makes it the country's most expensive film production to date.

British actor/comedian Simon Pegg (SHAUN OF THE DEAD) wrote the English screenplay and the English-versions voice cast features Woody Harrelson, Kyle MacLachlan, Samantha Morton, Simon Pegg and Jim Broadbent.

Circus stable hand Roy Arnie (Harrelson) has a dream to run his own circus as well as conquer the world. The Circus Stromowski where he works is run by a miserable, alcoholic, fourth-generation, circus director, Igor Stromowski, and is full of useless has-beens and tired animals that only perform under the influence of narcotics. To Roys great joy, the circuss star attraction Jimmy the elephant holds the secret to making Roys dreams come true. However, when Jimmy is locked up for going on a drug induced rampage, Roy, along with his old buddies Gaz, Odd and their sidekick Flea, must race to free Jimmy before militant animal rights activists or the Lappish Mafia get to the pill-popping pachyderm first.

A teaser for the film can be viewed at

Storm Studio specializes in feature film post-production covering the entire digital intermediate process, including all forms of animation ranging from classic stop-motion, 2D cartoon, 3D digital animation and high end digital visual effects. Storm Studios range of productions also includes commercials, music videos and TV productions. Since 2005, Storm Studio has also increased its involvement in the production of documentaries, and has at present two documentaries.

Storm Studio was originally founded in 1996 under the name of AnimagicNet AS, but became Storm Studio AS as AnimagicNet AS was taken over by the Storm Group AS at the beginning of 2005. Storm Studio AS is located in Oslo, Norway.

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