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North American Shorts Film Streams On The Net

Raider Prods. and Purple Globe Communications ( have partnered to bring NORTH AMERICA'S BEST INDEPENDENT ANIMATED SHORTS (NABIAS), the first feature film to be screened on Internet in full screen streaming DVD quality using Matrix Stream technology.

To gain further exposure for the NABIAS feature film and Purple Globe's Matrix Stream Technology (, Raider Prods. will be screening it for free on the NABIAS Website ( for viewers to gain a better understanding of this movie viewing experience, which offers a high quality picture format while using computer hardware that is available to the average home consumer.

Featuring 16 of what Raider Prods. exec producer Aaron Keogh considers the very best independent animated shorts culled from a search that covered Canada, the U.S. and Mexico. NABIAS, which features animation styles in clay animation, computer graphics and traditional animation, is the first of a new series of animation shorts compilation films to be released yearly (the first was released in 2003). It is a project designed to give independent animators a much-needed distribution outlet for their work. NABIAS, which runs for about 90 minutes, was created to appeal to a family audience, and to give animation fans and professionals of all ages a chance to cheer for their fellow animation idols.

Raider Prods. ( contacted animators throughout the continent for their animated shorts by various methods that included sending about 8,500 e-mails to a host of different personal animation portfolios, animation showcases, animation schools and animation company Websites, said Keogh. Some 250 faxes and about another 250 telephone calls were made to animation schools and animation companies in provinces, territories and states across North America says Keogh.

Of the 9,000 or so solicitations that were sent out, he received approximately 1,200 responses. From those 1,200 responses he received 117 animated shorts, which the Radier Prods. team culled down to 16 shorts.

Instructions to view NABIAS Movie on the Internet:

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