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Nintendo Reveals More Wii

In Hollywood at the Kodak Theater, Nintendo revealed had on displays its next-generation system Wii. Pronounced we, the company that Mario built showed off the consoles new numchuck-like controllers, which feature motion controls allowing players to move with the action of the games.

Nintendo president Satoru Iwata said, Not only is Wii compelling to current game players, but its also will entice new players with new experiences. To expand the total number of game players, we must make our experience both friendlier and more compelling. With Wii, it is.

During the media brief, a virtual tennis match was played giving the first non-company insider a chance to play with the revolutionary remote. In addition to motion control and a unique design, the control also features built-in speakers to enhance the gaming experience. For instance, the newest game in the ZELDA franchise THE LEGEND OF ZELDA: TWILIGHT PRINCESS was on display and the tension of a bow as the gamer pulled back an arrow could be heard in the handheld remote.

Few new details were announced at the event, but Nintendo did state the new system would be in store in fourth quarter 2006 and TWILIGHT PRINCESS would be released day-and-date with the console. Other top franchise that will have games available for Wii include SONIC THE HEDGEHOG, FINAL FANTASY, MADDEN, TONY HAWK, RAYMAN and SPONGEBOB SQUAREPANTS.

For those attending E3, Nintendo will have 27 games available for play for the Wii system.

In addition to Wii, Nintendo highlighted the release on Nintendo DS Lite this fall, which will be smaller and feature a brighter screen. As for games for the portable system, Nintendo announced NEW SUPER MARIO BROS., THE LEGEND OF ZELDA: PHANTOM HOURGLASS, ELITE BEAT AGENTS, POKEMON MYSTERY DUNGEON: BLUE RESCUE TEAM, POKEMON MYSTERY DUNGEON: RED RESCUE TEAM, STAR FOX, KIRBY, WARIO and YOSHIS ISLAND 2.

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