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Night Watch Invades U.S. on Feb. 17

With the popular Russian sci-fi thriller, NIGHT WATCH (NOCHNOI DOZOR), set to platform Feb. 17 in Los Angeles, New York and San Francisco from Fox Searchlight Pictures, the second part of the trilogy, DAY WATCH, has just shattered box office records in Moscow. Fox Searchlight will release DAY WATCH theatrically later in 2006. The third part, DAWN WATCH, is currently in pre-production.

DAY WATCH premiered in Moscow on Jan. 1 with the biggest opening day gross ever at $2.1M. The three-day cume was $7.8M. DAY WATCH is now approaching a record $30M.

Written and directed by Timur Bekmambetov, NIGHT WATCH, which has been hailed as a cross between LORD OF THE RINGS and THE MATRIX, broke Russian box office records when it debuted in July 2004. It was dubbed The First Russian Blockbuster and was the official Russian contender for Best Foreign Language Film for the 2004 Academy Awards.

Set in contemporary Moscow, NIGHT WATCH revolves around the conflict and balance maintained between the forces of light and darkness the result of a medieval truce between the opposing sides. But an ancient prophecy is about to come true: a powerful Other will rise up, be tempted by one of the sides and tip the balance, plunging the world into a renewed war between the dark and light.

NIGHT WATCH contains more than 400 vfx shots from nearly a dozen Russian vendors, including Dr. Picture Studios, which was the lead house on DAY WATCH. Vladimir Leschinski serves as visual effects supervisor.