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Nick's Net Nozzle Closes

Nickelodeon has recently closed the San Mateo branch of its on-line unit

announced Nick On-line Pres. Fred Seibert. The office had been doing

research and development for "Project Nozzle" -- a re-launch of as

a children's Web portal. To help strengthen the re-launch Viacom, owners of

Nick, bought San Mateo-based Web development house Nvolve, which turned

into the now de-funked San Mateo branch of This decision comes on

the heals of the suspension of "Project Nozzle's" main component My, which launched in October, after it received negative feedback

from its young visitors. Viacom plans to bring the re-worked site back in

five to six weeks. Since Viacom decided to split its Internet holdings into

MTVi and Nick On-line [AF 12/28/99], confusion has reigned regarding the

directions of both divisions. MTV On-line first announced it bought the

domain name "Super Music Network," with an intent to create a music

destination spanning a vast array of music. Soon after, USA TODAY reported

that MTV was going to call their new on-line music site "" After

both initial ideas failed, MTV On-line acquired smaller competitor SonicNet

and beefed up their three existing sites,, and

for their re-launch. No doubt the evolution will continue!

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