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Nickelodeon Renews Five Toons

Nickelodeon has renewed five first season shows including AS TOLD BY GINGER (20 EPISODES), THE FAIRLY ODDPARENTS (14), INVADER ZIM (20) and PELSWICK (13). In addition, Nelvana-produced MAGGIE AND THE FEROCIOUS BEAST has also been renewed for 13 episodes. AS TOLD BY GINGER, produced by Klasky Csupo, follows 12-year-old Ginger Foutley as she crosses the shaky bridge between childhood and adolescence. THE FAIRLY ODDPARENTS follows 10-year-old Timmy Turner and his fairly odd fairy godparents. INVADER ZIM follows a rejected alien sent on an invasion mission to Earth so that he would be out of the way on his home planet. PELSWICK, produced by Nelvana, follows the daily life of a witty wheelchair-bound 13-year-old boy. MAGGIE AND THE FEROCIOUS BEAST, based on the books by mother-and-son authors Betty and Michael Paraskevas, follows Maggie, a sweet and smart little girl; and the Ferocious Beast, a red polka-dotted creature who's anything but ferocious. The new episodes will start airing during the fall 2001 season.

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