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Nickelodeon Online Launches Dot Kids Domain Websites

Nickelodeon launched two new Websites today, July 14, 2004, as part of the Dot Kids Act, established in 2002 to ensure safe spaces on the Internet for children under 13. The new site for kids, and for parents and preschoolers,, have been created by the network as extensions of and, respectively, as additional safe places for kids and preschoolers to play on the Internet.

"At Nickelodeon we're committed to putting kids first, and we want to be everywhere kids are, especially on the Internet," said Mike Skagerlind, svp/gm, Nickelodeon Online. "We are delighted to be able to extend Nickelodeon's engaging Internet entertainment philosophy to the new dot kids domain in a way that continues to observe and respect kids' safety and privacy."

Available on Nick.Kids.Us are:

* SpongeBob's Jellyfish Shuffleboard: Fans of the hit shows can play undersea shuffleboard with SpongeBob SquarePants and surfer-squirrel Sandy Cheeks.

* SpongeBob SquarePants B.C. Bowling: Based on a SpongeBob prehistoric special episode, kids can play rock-n-roll bowling with SpongeBob as a cave sponge.

* The Fairly OddParents Big Superhero Wish Game: Fans of the special episode of The Fairly OddParents' Big Superhero Wish can zap super-villains and rid Timmy Turner's town of evil.

* My Life as a Teenage Robot Techno Tennis: In this hi-tech tennis game, stars of the hit show Jenny and Brad play against each other.

On Nick Jr.Kids.Us:

* Dora's Super Silly Costume Maker: Preschoolers can help Latina heroine Dora and her cousin Diego dress up for a Super Silly Fiesta.

* Max & Ruby Toy Bowling Game: Kids get a hand-eye-coordination workout when Nick Jr. bunny, Max, makes a bowling alley in his living room.

* Dora's Star Catching Game: Preschoolers become star-catchers while matching colors with Dora.

* Blue's Matching Game: To help Blue of hit show Blue's Clues find all the matching cards, kids will need to concentrate.

* Oswald's Big Diner Specials Game: Preschoolers can lend a hand at the Big Diner while they improve matching skills.

* Little Bill's Captain Brainstorm's Adventure: 3-2-1-Blast Off! This outer-space adventure featuring Little Bill enhances problem-solving skills.

* Blue's Clues online storybook: What's in the Box?: Blue and her friends use their imaginations in this online storybook.

* Max & Ruby online storybook: Where's Max?: Join in a game of hide-n-seek with Max and his big sister.

* Dora the Explorer online storybook: Little Star's Wish: Kids can read along as Dora and her best friend Boots find a best friend for Little Star.

Nickelodeon Online worked closely with NeuStar Inc., the company responsible for developing, implementing and operating the Internet address. Since Dec. 4, 2002 when the Dot Kids Implementation and Efficiency Act became law and created a domain to serve as a "safe haven" for children (under 13) using the Internet, NeuStar has been the operator of the .us Registry and is responsible for managing the content of With NeuStar, Nickelodeon Online has developed and introduced exciting content that meets the requirements of the dot-Kids Act of 2002. The Internet address is open to all consumers, businesses, educators, government agencies and organizations in the United States or with a U.S. presence to register Internet addresses and establish Websites.

Based in Sterling, Virginia, NeuStar ( is a neutral third party provider of mission-critical services to telecommunications, cable companies and Internet service providers around the world. NeuStar enables the interoperability and convergence of service provider networks. NeuStar operates the authoritative registry of all North American telephone numbers and administers the database, relied upon by all North American carriers to route telephone calls daily. NeuStar also operates the dot-US registry "America's Internet Address(R)," NeuLevel(R), NeuStar's subsidiary, operates the .BIZ registry, the world's first top-level domain dedicated exclusively to business.

Nickelodeon Online connects kids to each other and to Nickelodeon through its Websites, and Launched in June 1997, is a leading kids' television destination site with millions of loyal visitors each month., launched in March 1998, is the only site that offers content to both parents and preschoolers.