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Nickelodeon looking for Director of Digital Technology

Nickelodeon's Digital Animation Studio is looking for an experienced Director of Digital Technology...

NICKELODEON, the number one network for kids, has revolutionizedchildren's television and is now also the #1 kid's site on the Internet.The Digital Animation Studio, which produces some of the top-ratedanimation on television today, is seeking an experienced DIRECTOR OFDIGITAL TECHNOLOGY to maintain their Unix, NT and Mac-based computersystems and the associated digital animation software including SoftImageand MAYA. Key responsibilities for this position include the installation,maintenance and purchasing of all software and hardware, as well asoverseeing major capital acquisitions for the department. This technicalprofessional will also manage the research and development of new projectsand all technical systems aspects of the studio animation production. Musthave a BS and 3 - 5 years experience as a systems administrator in a UNIX,NT and Mac-based environment. A solid understanding of the common 3D, 2Dand composite software used by digital animation and graphics studios isalso essential. Competitive salary and benefits package offered.

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