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Nickelodeon launches storyboard competition

Nickelodeon's Worldwide Development Group, an international team ofNickelodeon creative and development executives, is launching Nickelodeon'sfirst global animation storyboard competition. The competition is open toanimators around the world. Six winners will be given the opportunity toproduce a one to three minute animated short based on their winningstoryboard and have it air on Nickelodeon channels around the world.Nickelodeon is looking for innovative animators with fresh,character-driven ideas that are irreverent, edgy, and contemporary, and atthe same time look at the world from a kid's point of view. The storyboardsshould appeal to kids in the six to fouteen age group. Entries are dueAugust 31, 1999, and will be judged by a panel of experts from thetelevision, entertainment, and animation industries. Six winners will bepicked in October. WDG will then commission animated shorts from thewinners, and each animator will receive $15,000 for production of theshort. The deadline for delivery of completed shorts is February 1, 2000.Once the shorts are made, judges will award $3500 to the top short, and$1500 to the runner-up. Complete entry rules and forms can be obtained bywriting to Nickelodeon Animation Storyboard Competition, NickelodeonInternational - London, 180 Oxford Street, London, England W1N 0DS. Entrieswill not be accepted unless they are accompanied by an entry form.