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Nickelodeon Latin America Unveils New On-Air Creative Campaign

Nickelodeon Latin America unveiled a new, creative on-air look. The new image will include more than 60 vignettes per feed (North, South and Brazil), a new animated Nickelodeon logo and the debut of Nickelodeon Latin Americas new mascot, Cubito.

Nickelodeons new creative campaign will feature a series of 60 vignettes, shot both indoors and outdoors, featuring kids from Argentina, Mexico and Brazil. The campaign captures and illustrates each childs individuality, humor, personality and spontaneity within their everyday environments. Outdoor settings provided for a relaxed and natural environment where the kids were allowed to speak to the camera about various topics ranging from jokes to sports to what they would do if they were president. Indoors, kids were granted their own creative license in coming up with improvised skits using props ranging from wigs, costumes, toys and musical instruments that were provided to them.

The channel decided to change its on-air look in order to accommodate and evolve along with its ever changing audience while keeping it simple with clean, graphically minimalistic, featuring brighter colors and elements of surprise at every look. Nicks orange logo has also undergone a change by becoming animated, transforming itself visually onscreen while being in constant motion. In addition, the channel will introduce its new mascot, Cubito, which will inform kids at the top of each show about whats coming next.

This campaign evolved as our response to the constant change and surprise that kids go through daily, said Tatiana Rodriguez, vp of programming and creative strategy for Nickelodeon Latin America. Nick is connected to kids and changes the same way they do. Our goal with this campaign is to be able to reflect their world and accurately represent their thoughts.

"We are very excited about our new image campaign and we had a great time working with kids in Argentina, Brazil and Mexico, as well as with some of best creative professionals in the region," said Jimmy Leroy, on-air creative director for Nickelodeon Latin America. "Nick continuously strives to visually provide its audience with innovative and creative concepts, and in this campaign we show real kids showcasing their humor and originality on screen, unscripted and unrehearsed.

Despite the on-air changes to its look, programming will remain the same and it will continue to feature some of the networks more popular shows, which include JIMMY NEUTRON, DORA THE EXPLORER, GO DIEGO GO, FAIRLY ODD PARENTS and SPONGEBOB SQUAREPANTS.

Leroy conceptualized the new image campaign and brought it to fruition with his in-house creative team, as well as the assistance of key creative professional partners in the region including: Totuma from Venezuela for the development of the graphic language, Piloto Cine TV from Brazil and Claudia Bono and Nora Mosenco from Argentina for the studio images.

MTV Networks Latin America Inc., a unit of Viacom Inc., owns and operates MTV Latin America, Nickelodeon Latin America, VH1 Latin America, Viacom Networks Brazil and the MTV Networks Digital Suite, a package of five digital services MTV Jams, MTV Hits, VH1 Soul, VH1 Mega Hits and Nickelodeons GAS (Games and Sports for Kids).

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