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Nick UK & Change4Life Promote Healthy Living

Nickelodeon UK today announces a partnership with the Department of Health’s Change4Life, a nationwide movement designed to help people make changes to their lifestyles, so that they can eat well, move more and live longer. The partnership will be officially announced this evening by Nickelodeon UK’s Managing Director, Howard Litton, at their Autumn/Winter programming launch.

Nickelodeon UK will be supporting the movement by including Change4Life messages and branding in bespoke 'Nicktrition' spots, which will run on air from Thursday, July 9th. The spots will raise awareness of the importance of healthy eating and having an active lifestyle; amplifying the Department of Health’s message through positive endorsement.

It is estimated that approximately 16 spots a day will run on-air reaching more than six million individuals in a three month period; and reaching more than 11 million individuals in a 12 month period.

The campaign features two brand new spots which focus on explaining Nicktrition and why it’s important to be healthy and live a balanced lifestyle. Other spots include animated vegetables performing a rap and amusing cartoons explaining how to stay in shape! All spots communicate in a fun and engaging way in a language kids can really understand.

Nickelodeon UK’s managing director, Howard Litton, said, "Change4Life is a natural fit with our Nicktrition campaign. We're both committed to encouraging kids and families to eat healthily and be active. We're in a great position to support the movement as we represent a unique and trusted voice among UK kids. We can use this voice to tackle issues in an effective and engaging way."

Litton added, "Nickelodeon’s corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiatives are a core part of the Nickelodeon brand. It's about educating, informing and empowering kids in a fun way; encouraging them to be healthy, happy and aware of the world around them."

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