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Nick Orders Neutron Spin-Off, Hartman Toon, 3 Pilots

Nickelodeon has greenlit two new animated series and order pilots for three other toons, VARIETY reports.

PLANET SHEEN is a spin-off of JIMMY NEUTRON. Steve Oedekerk has also exec produce the new series, which has been picked up for 26 episodes. The new show follows dimwitted fanboy Sheen who borrows a spaceship and ends up on a planet of less-than-intelligent life. Jeff Garcia, Bob Joles and Rob Paulsen are part of the voice cast. Keith Alcorn and Jim Hope are also exec producing.

Nick has also ordered 13 episodes of T.U.F.F. PUPPY," which follows a dumb dog that is forced into a crime-fighting org. THE FAIRLY ODDPARENTS creator Butch Hartman is exec producing. Eric Bauza, Grey DeLisle and Jeff Bennett are part of the voice cast.

The two series should hit the air in late 2009 or early 2010.

As for the pilots, Nick has ROBOT AND MONSTER: BEST FRIENDS FOREVER, a CG buddy laugher; THE FLEEPS, which follows a musical duo that stowaway on a spaceship with an alien warlord and his mom; and YOU'RE A BAD MAN, based on Andy Stanton's book series.

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