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Nick Jr.'s Brand-New Superhero-Themed Episodes

Preschoolers will become superhero sidekicks to their favorite Nick Jr. friends as Nickelodeon unveils three new superhero-themed episodes from THE BACKYARDIGANS, GO, DIEGO, GO! and THE WONDER PETS! Nick Jr. will premiere the new half-hour action-packed adventures full of robots, flying squirrels and extra-terrestrials during a new superhero play date on Friday, June 27, from 9 a.m. to Noon (ET/PT).

9 a.m. -- THE BACKYARDIGANS "Front Page News" PremiereTasha plays the dual role of a photographer and superhero named Snap, who really wants a front-page photo for The Bigopolis Big News paper. The newspaper is run by Pablo and is located in the city of Bigopolis where there's always a big story. When a giant robot threatens to invade the city, it proves too much to handle for resident superheroes Captain Bubble (Tyrone) and Bug Girl (Uniqua). A Berlin Cabaret soundtrack moves the action along as Snap has to step in and save the day. Will Tasha get the front page photo she so desperately wants?

9:30 a.m. -- GO, DIEGO, GO! "Super Flying Super Squirrel to the Rescue" PremiereDiego is riding his motorcycle when he encounters a flying squirrel trying to save a pygmy marmoset. But the marmoset is too heavy and Diego must come to the rescue. The flying squirrel feels bad he wasn't able to do it alone, because he really thought he was a "super" flying squirrel. Diego tells the flying squirrel to assist him on a mission to save some crying baby birds. Along the way, they use the flying squirrel's "super" hearing, "super" eyesight and "super" gliding to rescue the baby birds.

10:00 a.m. -- THE WONDER PETS! "Save the Visitor" PremiereTuck wakes up in the middle of the night and finds a visitor in the classroom -- an extra terrestrial. The Wonder Pets form a bond with their new friend, who must return home soon, or be stuck on earth forever.