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Nice Shoes Polishes The Dirty Pearls

New York rockers The Dirty Pearls recently premiered their new music video, Who's Coming Back To Who, at the Bowery Ballroom on June 30th.

Press Release from Nice Shoes

New York rockers The Dirty Pearls recently premiered their new music video, Who's Coming Back To Who, at the Bowery Ballroom on June 30th. The video for the bluesy, hard-rocking track was directed by Jasin Cadic, co-writer of upcoming theatrical release The Perfect Age of Rock and Roll, with color grading and visual effects courtesy of Nice Shoes.

Cadic shot the clip over a three-day period in New York. "I wanted to capture what's going on in the lower East Side right now, and they're pretty much the hottest band in the city," he says. "We set out to capture the excitement and energy of the local rock scene, and then showcase that against a narrative with the Pearls as the headlining band."

The club sequences were shot at Don Hill's, the well-known Greenwich Street nightclub. Sadly, Don Hill himself passed away just three weeks after the shoot, and the club subsequently closed its doors, "making this video one of the last things to ever happen at Don Hill's," adds Cadic.

Cadic was aiming to give the clip a vintage look and cites early MTV, the film "The Warriors" and Michael Jackson's "Beat It" video as strong references. "Nice Shoes came in to really pull that whole idea and look together," reports the director. "And they did a great job really bringing in the shadows and giving it a great gritty look and feel."

Part of the process was marrying the two different looks that came out of the two camera shoot. One camera's footage had "a great filmic look" that colorist Ron Sudul really loved. Not wanting to change that footage in any way, the Nice Shoes team applied a visual effects treatment to the secondary footage to bring it closer to that look. The end result was a film that meshed seamlessly.

"The main challenge was to give both sets of footage a cohesive filmic vibe," notes Sudul. "Jasin shot some really beautiful footage, with wonderful stage lighting that just brought out the natural funky stage energy of the band." Sudul used the cutting edge Baselight color correction system to give the clip its burnished look. "We added some richness to everything, and tried to make it all feel a little larger-than-life."


Artist: The Dirty PearlsSong Title: Who's Coming Back To Who

Director: Jasin Cadic

Color Grading: Nice ShoesColorist: Ron Sudul

Post/Effects: Nice ShoesProducer: Jen Cadic

About Nice Shoes:NYC-based Nice Shoes is a full service, artist-driven design, animation, visual effects and color grading studio specializing in high-end commercials, web content, film, TV and music videos. Since its inception in 1996, the studio has prided itself on consistently reinvesting in its talent, technical backbone, and client experience to set the standard of excellence both creatively and technically. Key company principals include: CEO/Partner Dominic Pandolfino, Colorists/Partners Chris Ryan and Lez Rudge, VFX Artist/Partner Rich Schreck, Head of Production Mike Donovan, CDs Brian Bowman and Aron Baxter, Senior Producers Pat Portela and Christos Mountzouros, and CIO Bob Keske.

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