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Nice Shoes Adds Edit Suites to NY Offices

Nice Shoes is adding a new dimension to its industry-leading postproduction capabilities with a new group of edit suites in its New York offices.

Press Release from Nice Shoes:

Nice Shoes is adding a new dimension to its industry-leading postproduction capabilities with a new group of edit suites in its New York offices. The suites will run on the same technology and the same network as the rest of the studio's equipment, and will instantly provide seamless transitions from the edit room to the studio's long-established color, finishing, VFX and design capabilities. The studio will offer clients a choice between bringing their own staff editors onsite, or have Nice Shoes tap into its vast network of vetted editors.

"More and more clients need all-in-one solutions, and the new edit suites at our 25th Street office allow Nice Shoes the flexibility to meet our clients' every need," stated Nice Shoes Managing Director Kristen Martini. "The option of assigning one of their own editors to work with our team or entrusting the job to our freelancers will be especially enticing to our clients."

In keeping with Nice Shoes' tradition, the studio has installed top-of-the-line equipment to launch full force into its new endeavor. The new A3iO 48TB appliance that is at the heart of this effort is fast, easy to integrate and cost effective. The A3iO metaSAN appliance integrates the latest Tiger Technology metaSAN 5.0 software appliance toolkit of which, one of its tools, ProjectStore makes collaborative workflow with a variety of editorial products easy. The studio is also outfitted with two Mac Pro towers, each configured with Final Cut Pro 7, Premiere Pro, After Effects, Photoshop and Adobe Master Creative Suite 5.5, which allows for seamless collaboration and a centralized workflow over high-speed Fibre. Over the next few months, Nice Shoes will be expanding the number of creative seats attached to the A3iO appliance via metaSAN, in order to provide editors with additional creative and finishing tools.

"Nice Shoes has always been at the forefront of technological advances" says Alexander Lefterov, CEO at Tiger. "Its adoption of the A3iO metaSAN appliance testifies of the need in post-production facilities for simpler and easier shared storage solutions that deliver Fibre Channel performance with the ease of use of a traditional file server."

The studio views the A3iO SAN appliance as especially important to their facility. "The SAN is more cost effective and less complex than other solutions," noted Nice Shoes CEO Dominic Pandolfino. "It provides the strong technical backbone to our creative endeavors that we see as being key to Nice Shoes' customer service." Dave Geene, A3iO's CEO, adds, "we are delighted that Nice Shoes, a premier NYC studio, has chosen the A3iO metaSAN appliance as the foundation for their new edit suites."

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