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NFR allows Ducks to Run Amuck Forever

Librarian of Congress James Billington has announced that DUCK AMUCK alongwith 24 live-action films will be added to the National Film Registry. As partof the Library of Congress, the Registry was established in 1989 to preserve Americanfilm heritage. Billington's list is formed by input from the National FilmPreservation Board and the public. With only 25 selections made each year,DUCK AMUCK, the 1953 Chuck Jones short starring Daffy Duck and Bugs Bunny,with voices by Mel Blanc, joins an even smaller list of archived animatedfilms that include FANTASIA, GERTIE THE DINOSAUR, and another Bugs Bunnyshort WHAT'S OPERA, DOC?. DUCK AMUCK joins the Registry with such diversework as Spike Lee's DO THE RIGHT THING, Sam Peckinpah's WILD BUNCH, andGeorge Romero's NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD.

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