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Nexus Spins a Tale for the New VW Touran

Innovative directing talent, Woof Wan-Bau, has created a crazy merry-go-round of child-rearing, familiar to any parent, in the witty new spot for the VW Touran.

Click here to view the spot.

Taking us from the moment of birth and launching us into orbit to follow one family's journey, from boisterous baby to troublesome teen, Woof Wan-Bau gets us giddy with his stunning use of stop frame animation and live action. Created in camera and using a dizzying series of rotational transitions, Woof Wan-Bau switches between camera angles to swing from the child's perspective to the parent's and back again. Rather than move camera, Woof Wan-Bau animated the movement of the backgrounds and positions of the child and parent to cleverly communicate the chaos of family life.

He even got a taste of the chaos first hand -- Woof Wan-Bau comments: "Shooting a combination of stop-frame and live action with a gang of very young children in two days was a tall order, but we somehow managed it and it turned out to be a lot of fun. Maybe it was the fact that we had to endure a lot of screaming that we all worked so fast!..."


Client: VW TouranTitle: Le CriLength: 30"

Agency: Agence V, ParisCreative Director: Christian VinceCreative Team: Romain Guillon, Pierre RiessAgency Producer: Corinne PerschCopy Writer: Pierre RiessArt director: Romain Guillon

Production Company: Nexus Productions / Les TelecreateursDirector: Woof Wan-BauExecutive Producers: Charlotte Bavasso, Christopher O'Reilly / Erinn Lotthe GuillonProducer: Isobel ConroyProject Lead: Ben Cowell

Animation: NexusCompositing: The EndDirector of Photography: Sebastian MilaszewskiEditor: Paul Hardcastle @ Trim EditingPost Production / Grade: The EndSound Design: Gary @ 750MPH