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Nexus Sign Directing Duo FX & Mat

Nexus Productions have signed the French directing duo FX & Mat.

FX & Mat are attracting international acclaim with their amazing and diverse animations. From the pretty whimsy of their recent spot for the Royal Bank of Canada to the brooding intensity of their first short, EN TU BRAZOS, in which they bring to life and give feline grace to the tango dancing couple at the heart of this love story, FX & Mat are pushing creative boundaries and taking a chameleon-like approach to their work.

The duo met at Supinfocom, a design school in northern France, and made their directing debut with EN TUS BRAZOS, which won them awards from all over the world, including an award of excellence at SIGGRAPH. After graduating, they continued working together in different production companies, eventually starting to direct motion graphics. They join Nexus having been directing commercials for the French and Canadian markets, as well as doing illustrations on various projects.

Currently working on short film and feature film projects, FX & Mat are ones to watch as they continue exploring all dimensions and possibilities of animation and live action in their new creative home.