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Nexus to Provide New 3D Pink Panther Makeover

VFXWorld has confirmed that the Pink Panther will be sporting a brand new 3D animated look for the main title sequence of the upcoming live-action PINK PANTHER feature starring Steve Martin as Inspector Clouseau. London-based Nexus Prods. (which produced the highly touted CATCH ME IF YOU CAN main titles) will be doing the animation honors.

In a recent interview with AWN, David DePatie, co-creator and co-copyright owner of the animated Pink Panther character, expressed concern about early CGI tests, suggesting that they made the Panther "look too round and kind of chubby."

Owned and operated since 1997 by producers Chris O'Reilly and Charlotte Bavasso, Nexus Prods. Ltd. ( makes award-winning animation for TV, commercials and music videos. U2's POP MART world tour was an early success.