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Nexus Produces The Thunderbirds Title Sequence

Nexus directors Smith & Foulkes have created an animated title sequence for Working Title's feature film, THE THUNDERBIRDS, based on the British cult puppet series of the 1960s. Working closely with THUNDERBIRD's director Jonathan Frakes and producer Tim Bevan, Nexus was asked to craft a sequence that captured the light-hearted tone of the movie, but also gave context and background information to a U.S. audience not familiar with the TV series.

"It was important not just to establish the films main characters, but also Tracey Island and the Thunderbird's craft," explains titles designer and animation director Alan Smith. "Additionally we needed to illustrate their International Rescue capers, which given the all important role of including over 25 title cards made this a challenge of design and storytelling."

Nexus used a light animated typography to illustrate the Thunderbirds in various rescue scenarios, such as preventing tidal waves from engulfing New York City, or a London bus tipping into the Thames. Smith & Foulkes took the existing complex 3D models from the film and reduced them to a simpler drawn render. Combining both 2D and 3D animation the sequence was completed in-house.

Nexus is an independent animation production company. Founded by producers Chris O'Reilly and Charlotte Bavasso, its credits range across film, TV series, commercials, music videos and title sequences. They are best known for the CATCH ME IF YOU CAN opening sequence and will be working on the new PINK PANTHER film. For further information, visit

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