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Nexus Animates 'Simple Dreams' for the Salvation Army

Nexus director Ben Hibon creates an emotional ad campaign, via agency Grey Toronto, for the Salvation Army.

LONDON – Nexus director Ben Hibon has created an emotional ad campaign for the Salvation Army via agency Grey Toronto. Founded in 1997 by Charlotte Bavasso and Chris O'Reilly, Nexus is an independent animation studio based in London with a worldwide reputation for creative and accomplished design and transmedia story-telling.

Hibon was entrusted with directing a film that would convey the great work that the Salvation Army does, providing hope and dignity, and helping to make simple dreams, like the hope of a hot meal and warm bed, a reality. Hibon’s craft of creating wonderfully rich stories, and the clever use of transitions, allows this gracefully animated, 3D spot to leave a lasting impression on its audience, both visually and emotionally.

The film’s message, “helping make dreams come true” is beautifully encapsulated in this story about contrasts. A young girl longs for the simple things that we all take for granted. Demonstrated by scenes transitioning from the harsh reality of sleeping rough through to a dream world of love, security and comfort, the audience becomes emotionally attached to the young girl. As the girls returns to the present and leaves her dreams behind, the audience is faced with a heartbreaking truth, but also with the possibility of being able to help make a difference.

Through Ben’s incredible talent for creating characters you emphasize reinforced with strong lighting and a muted color palette helps draw the viewer into this little girl’s journey.

The project took 12 weeks from initial concept to final delivery and was animated and composited using Studio 3D Max and Nuke.

The music was composed by Giles Lamb to delicately reflect the mood of the film.

Chris O’Reilly, Co-Founder, Nexus Productions, says, “We're really pleased with this collaboration with Grey and the Salvation Army.  Ben Hibon has managed to bring a high degree of tenderness and emotional impact that belies the film's brevity. “

Source: Nexus Productions 

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