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Next Limit Announces Release Of Real Flow 2.0

Spanish software comapny Next Limit has released RealFlow 2, a physical-based particle system that simulates a variety of fluid states based on advanced Computational Fluid Dynamic techniques. RealFlow make use of real fluid equations in a flexible way to accurately simulate a wide range of fluids like liquids, gases and viscous matter. Enhanced by a new streamlined user interface that includes time-sliders to preview fluid simulations over time, RealFlow 2 also offers an improved internal engine for greater particle management. A new rigid body engine has been included in RealFlow 2, allowing object-to-object collision and fluid-to-object interaction, maening the fluid can displace the objects. Riots, avalanches, ice cubes in a glass -- pick your poison! RealFlow runs as a Windows standalone program with an intuitive real-time OpenGL display, and links to popular 3D animation packages such as LightWave, 3ds max, Softimage|XSI, Maya and Cinema 4D via free plugins. According to the manufacturer, support for other high-end products is in the works as well. RealFlow 2 retails for $1195. A trial version is available online at