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Next-Gen Animation Artists Creating European Network

The Halle, Germany-based European Animation Masterclass (EAM) initiated a European network of animation film artists and animation schools. Last week, the EAM brought together 25 of the next-generation animation film producers from 11 countries with internationally acclaimed trainers from Italy, the Czech Republic, Germany and the U.S.

Last weeks master course titled EAM onTour was held in Prague. The master course was run by the EAM in cooperation with one of the most prestigious animation schools in Europe, the Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design in Prague as well as the National Cinema School, which is located in Turin, Italy. The next-generation animation artists came from countries such as Belgium, Hungry, Spain, Italy, France, the U.K., Greece, Poland, Latvia, Austria and Germany. Head of the master course was Dan Boulos, who has 13-years of experience in the U.S. on such projects as DreamWorks PRINCE OF EGYPT and ROAD TO EL DORADO; Warner Bros. SPACE JAM and Disneys Oscar nominated BEAUTY AND THE BEAST.

EAM is based out of the Multimedia Center of Central Germany (MMZ). At MMZ, 12 international animation students participate in the higher education course with top trainers.

MMZ-director Katerina Hagen said, We are quite pleased and proud of the quality and the achievements of the animation education, which so far we have accomplished at the MMZ. We have very ambitious students from eight countries as well as some of the world-leading trainers here at the MMZ in Halle. These factors greatly contribute to our position as one of the most important spots for the animation film industry in Europe.

The EAM is run by the International Academy of Media and Arts, which is located at the MMZ. Joint partners are the MEDIA program of the European Union, the Mitteldeutsche Medienforderung, as well as the two companies Bavaria and MotionWorks.

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