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NewTek Reinforces Mac Commitment

NewTek has reinforced its commitment to the Macintosh platform by announcing that their newly released Lightwave [6.5] will also be available for Apples new OS X platform. Although NewTek only released Lightwave [6] on the MAC earlier this year, they have slowly moved their efforts toward the fruity platform. In fact, Matt Craig, NewTeks senior MAC engineer, said recently that, "If ever there were a platform made for running Lightwave, OS X is it." And he went on to say that, "Every aspect of Apple's next generation operating system enhances Lightwave's already powerful tool-set to truly make it an artist's dream. A lightning-fast OpenGL implementation coupled with OS X's Quartz display system makes working in Lightwave a whole new ball game. Throw a G4 MultiProcessor into the mix and watch Lightwave's renderer take full advantage of OS X's symmetric multiprocessing architecture. Not to mention that all of this comes with unprecedented stability and a remarkable virtual memory scheme that makes running out of RAM a thing of the past. The fact that all of this has been done for just the first release makes Lightwave for OS X's future very exciting for all of us on the Lightwave team." And the excitement doesnt end there! For registered Lightwave [6] and [6.5] users, the program for Apple OS X is free to download from NewTeks Website.