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NewTek Introduces VT[4] LIVE!

NewTek Inc. announced the release of VT[4] LIVE!, an integrated production suite that provides a comprehensive toolset for all professional SD video production needs. VT[4] LIVE! offers computer-based live production capabilities, able to handle anything from switching and titling for network broadcast to serverless Web streaming. VT[4] LIVE! provides realtime layering and effects for video and graphics in virtually any input standard or file format, operates internally in uncompressed D1 component video and includes super-scaling technology to provide super-sharp images when video is scaled for picture-in-picture or realtime DVEs. VT[4] LIVE! includes integrated timeline and storyboard editing with animated titling, paint, 3D modeling and animation, keying and more.

"NewTek pioneered the concept of the Integrated Production Suite and with the release of the VT[4] LIVE!, we have once again raised the bar for ease of use, speed and affordability." said Philip Nelson, NewTeks senior Video Marketing. "This is the most comprehensive upgrade that we have ever released for our Windows based system."

"VT[4] LIVE! is the most practical, user-friendly video suite on the market," added Paul Congo, exec director of Access Monterey Peninsula. "The fact that a single operator can have such power at his fingertips continues to amaze me. From broadcasting multi-camera live-switched events to one man productions, VT[4] LIVE!s flexibility is unbeatable. The price point also makes it wonderful for public access. With budget cycles sometimes years apart, VT[4] LIVE!s affordability makes it possible to purchase multiple systems for use in training, remote locations and in studio."

"The quality in VT[4] when scaling and transforming images and video really blows my mind," offered Peter Karlsson, founder, CG Sweden. "Looks even better than what you get out from a flame8 system, and that isn't bad!"

Highlights:* Includes the VT-Pro Card, Software, SX-84 Switcher Expansion and the RS-8 Remote Switcher* Ease of use - designed for professionals who need to get work done on time and on budget* Live Switching of up to 8 component, 8 Y/C or 24 composite sources, as well as SDI and DV sources, with Audio support, Alpha and Genlock* Stream live events or finished productions to the Web in realtime* Integrated TBC for all input sources cameras do not require genlock* Procamp controls for all inputs* Complete suite of virtual equipment created in software - monitors, decks, switchers, waveform/vectorscopes, audio mixer * Integrated timeline and storyboard editing* Multiple layers in realtime - as many as your system can handle - not limited by the software* Realtime keyframeable color correction and blur* Multi-format and multi-standard editing, with standards conversion on the fly in realtime* Realtime playback of compressed and uncompressed clips* Realtime 3D transitions, slow motion and reverse, chroma and luma keying* 2D video paint with pixel tracking, filters, more* LightWave 3D, world-class 3D graphics and animation* Optional SDI I/O

New Features:* 200+ new DVEs and video transitions (more than500 total DVEs in VT[4])* DVD Authoring with instant project import and playback* PowerPoint added as a switcher input* Realtime DV out* Image Super-scaling for super-sharp picture-in-picture* 4-channel audio In and Out with adjustable mic or line feeds* Improved Audio now allows 12dB of headroom* 8-band EQ on all audio clips in the editor* Alpha Out to use VT[4] as CG upstream of switcher* CG for titles, scrolls, crawls and last-minute changes* Animated CG pages edited right on the Timeline* Instant Targa sequence playback for real-time playback and recording* Preview out for hardware monitoring of the show* Integrated Genlock for timing to house synch* Serverless Streaming to accommodate up to 10 simultaneous connections* Live Integration of Editor to incorporate cameras into projects* MPEG-2 Encoding for DVD creation* DVD Authoring with the included DVD Workshop 2 SE* DVD Project playback is immediate when loading an edit project into DWS 2* LightWave 3D [8] included for high-end animation* 3D Audio positioning of all 4 channels in VT-Edit* 66MHz PCI bus support improves overall performance

VT[4] LIVE! is available now in North America, priced at $5,995. VT[4] Card and Software only is priced at $3,995. Registered owners of previous versions may purchase an upgrade to VT[4] software for $995. Localization is in progress for international distribution. For information on your nearest NewTek authorized reseller, see With headquarters in San Antonio, Texas, NewTek ( is a leading provider of full-featured video editing, animation and special effects tools, including VT[4] and LightWave 3D, winner of the 2003 Primetime Emmy Engineering Award.