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Newtek Announces Sixth Update To Video Toaster [2]

NewTek, Inc. is offering registered owners a free update to Video Toaster [2], the company's NLE/live video switching system. This latest update adds new support for Adobe After Effects, Commotion, Combustion, 3ds max, Power CG and Digital Fusion. "This past year we've devoted a lot of energy toward enhancing the way our products interface with other popular content creation tools," said Jim Plant, President and CEO of NewTek. "Combining the real-time, uncompressed capabilities of the Video Toaster and its extensive suite of video and graphic production tools with other industry standard tools, gives our customers the maximum power and flexibility in their production environment." This update also features the release of Aura Video Paint 2.5b with several new features, including LightWave filters that allow Aura users to paint on the surface of any object currently loaded in LightWave 3D. The Video Toaster [2] upgrade is available as a free download to registered Video Toaster [2] owners at To receive the update on CD, registered owners can visit for a listing of resellers and distributors worldwide, or call 1-800-TOASTER (++ 1-210-370-8000) to purchase the update CD for US$29.95.