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NewTek Announces New SpeedEDIT, VT[5] Live!, TriCaster Products

This week at NAB, NewTek announced the forthcoming release of SpeedEDIT, VT[5] Live!, TriCaster PRO and TriCaster for Mac.

SpeedEDIT is a resolution-independent video editor designed to work quickly and efficiently on any video project, from web streams to High-Definition..

With SpeedEDIT, NewTek has created a faster way to edit video on a computer. said Philip Nelson, vp of sales and video marketing. As a pioneer of the desktop video industry, weve spent years refining digital tools devoted to visual story-telling, and the result is SpeedEDIT.

SpeedEDIT features include:* Resolution independence edit anything from web streams to HD* Mix SD and HD clips in the same project* Supports all frame-rates and resolutions * 16:9 and 4:3 aspect support* Live web streaming and recording* Support for MPEG-2, HDV, DV, QuickTime, Flash and more* Project output via FireWire to camera or deck* Realtime HD outputs on-screen* Auto white balance correction * Realtime three-wheel color correction* Advanced four-band selective color selection * Multi-threaded software runs faster with dual-core computers

SpeedEDIT will ship summer 2006 for $495.

VT[5] LIVE! is an integrated production suite that offers live switching and Web streaming of up to 24 cameras or external computers. VT[5] includes overlay titling, real-time keying, and automated clip playback, with simultaneous output to video, projector and web stream. Post production capability includes High-Definition editing, HD video painting, 3D modeling, rendering and animation. Uncompressed component out of VT[5] brings affordable, unsurpassed video quality with four-channel audio. The optional Serial Digital switcher adds eight SDI inputs and assignable SDI outs.

VT[5] is all about quality and flexibility, with uncompressed component and SDI switching, pristine quality is maintained, said Nelson. The ability to mix so many different sources, and send the output to video deck, projector and web stream at the same time makes VT[5]LIVE! the value leader for professional live production.

VT[5] LIVE! features include:* Includes VT[5] Software, VT-Pro Card, SX-84 Switcher Expansion and RS-8 Remote Switcher * Live Switching of up to 8 components, 8 Y/C, 3 SDI or 24 composite sources, with Audio support, Alpha and Genlock * Stream live events or finished productions to the web in realtime * Integrated TBC and Proc Amps for each input * Resolution independent editing - anything from web streams to HD* Mix SD and HD clips in the same project* SpeedEDIT supports all frame-rates and resolutions * 16:9 and 4:3 aspect support* Edit support for MPEG-2, QuickTime and more* Integrated timeline and storyboard editing * Realtime keyframeable color correction and blur * Realtime playback of compressed and uncompressed clips * Realtime 3D transitions, slow motion and reverse, chroma and luma keying * DVD Authoring with instant project import and playback * iVGA turns external PC or Mac computers into switcher inputs across the network* Realtime DV out in SD resolution* High-Definition 2D video paint with pixel tracking, filters, more * LightWave 3D v9, award-winning 3D graphics and animation * Optional 8-input SDI switcher

VT[5] LIVE! will ship Summer 2006 starting at $6,495. Purchasing VT[4] now qualifies for a free software upgrade to VT[5] when it ships. Optional SDI switcher pricing and availability to be announced later.

NewTek, Inc. also announced the release of TriCaster PRO, a new, enhanced version of the portable, live presentation system that has won over a dozen industry awards since it began shipping last year. TriCaster PRO allows users to mix multiple live component cameras with pre-edited video, overlay titles, images, external computer displays and even live Web pages with simultaneous output to video, projector, and the Internet.

Weve been amazed at the variety of live production and presentation environments where TriCaster has been successfully installed. said Nelson. From live sporting events to live studios; from classrooms to board rooms; the list just goes on and on. TriCaster is the most powerful and affordable tool for anyone who wants to mix live video, graphics or PowerPoint for video, projection or webcast.

TriCaster features include:* Switching and preview of 3 Cameras; connect up to six* iVGA network import of external computer displays (both PC and Mac)* XGA Projector output* Virtual VCR and picture player (digital disk recorder)* Live web streaming and recording* Audio mixer* Titler* Hundreds of 2D and 3D transitions* Video editing* Optional TriCaster VM switching surface

TriCaster PRO adds several high-end features:* Component video in and out * Auto camera calibration* BNC and XLR connections* Waveform and vectorscope* Balanced audio in and out with phantom power* High resolution projector outputs WXGA, SXGA, WSXGA, QSXGA

In addition, NewTek announced a new version of iVGA for Mac, a small software client that allows a presenters screen display to be integrated into a live TriCaster presentation via Ethernet.

"The Mac platform is a very strong presence in the video editing and graphics production field. Bringing iVGA to Mac-based producers allows them to leverage the power of the award-winning TriCaster to expand their capabilities into live production in ways that just weren't possible before," said Nelson. "iVGA and the easy-to-use, affordable TriCaster let Mac users save thousands of dollars that would normally be spent on scalers and scan converters."

TriCaster features include:* Switching and preview of 3 composite or Y/C Cameras; connect up to six* iVGA network import of external computer displays (Mac and PC)* XGA Projector output* Virtual VCR and picture player (digital disk recorder)* Live web streaming and recording* Optional TriCaster VM switcher surface* Video editing

TriCaster and TriCaster PRO are now available starting at $4,995. For more information or to purchase, call NewTek Sales at 800-368-5441 or visit

With headquarters in San Antonio, Texas, NewTek is a leading provider of full-featured video editing, live production, presentation and visual effects tools including 3D Arsenal and LightWave 3D.

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