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Newest Acrobat Edition of Animation World Mag Ready for Download!

The newest Acrobat edition of Animation World Magazine is now online.

The newest Acrobat edition of Animation World Magazine is now online. This edition focuses on the direct-to-video market. Karen Raugust looks at two high-def DVD formats, HD DVD and Blu-Ray Disc, set to launch this year and how it will affect the home entertainment industry. Raugust also looks into now a number of recent video-on-demand initiatives by the studios show their interest in this still-problematic but potential-filled distribution method. Janet Hetherington looks at the hot direct-to-DVD and vide market, which seeks to woo viewers with classic content and original programming.

Additionally, Sharon Katz has the final installment of her festival series, laying out a basic guide to applying to festivals, including rules, recommendations and resources. Bill Desowitz gets the scoop on ICE AGE: THE MELTDOWN from first-time director Carlos Saldanha and others at Blue Sky. In part 2 of The Late, Great, 2D Animation Renaissance, Tom Sito looks into the birth of THE SIMPSONS.

In columns, Dr. Toon recounts how terrifying a toon can be when one is young and impressionable, as he harkens back to when he first saw DUCK AND COVER, now ensconced in the Library of Congress National Film Registry. Chris Robinson digs up IT PAINS ME TO SAY THIS by George Griffin for close inspection in this months Animators Unearthed. In this months Mind Your Business, Mark Simon reveals the five steps of hiring freelancers. This month in the Animated Scene, Joseph Gilland looks at the facing extinction of hand-drawn special effects animation. Nancy Cartwright remembers how speaking up and following through can be the key to attaining your dreams. The Career Coach reminds us that you shouldnt wait until you win an Academy Award to thank the people you work with.

In reviews, Raugust was game for the New York Intl Toy Fair and reports back on all the wonderful toys and opportunities for animators. Joe Strike attends the first New York Comic-Con, reporting back on an event that hopes to become a sci-fi, comics and fantasy Mecca with an East Coast flavor. Andrew Osmond attends Animex 2006 in Middlesbrough, U.K. and finds the bridge between animation and games. In the past 20 years, WonderCon in San Francisco has become a major event for the Hollywood hype machine to promote films. Andrew Frago shares some of the highlights and a few crowd hassles at the event. Libby Reed reviews Geoffrey Katers new book, DESIGN FIRST FOR 3D ARTISTS, and writes whether the tome will design a good foundation for an artist or leave them a house built on a fault line. And as always, Taylor Jessen has five new short film reviews in Fresh from the Festivals.

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