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New Web Premier Toons and other Hot Stuff from!

Here's an overview of what's shaking on Cartoon Network's happening web site:

THIS MONTH'S NEXT BIG THING: New Web Premiere Toons! "Germtown" - Lookthrough the microscope at the wonderful world of germs. What do they do allday anyway? "Saturday Night Fred" - Help Fred and Barney choose what to doon a Saturday night in Bedrock! "The Marshmallow Money Show" - Hang outwith the kids on one city block and click to hear them give "shout-outs" orbreak into rap-style songs!

"I CAN'T BELIEVE THE SUMMER'S OVER" GIVEAWAY! It's time to go back toschool, but this year you have a reason to be excited! That's because theearlier you're back in class, the better your chance is to win a $500 GAPshopping spree gift card! Starting August 16, log on for details and enterfor your chance to win, only at!

DEPARTMENT OF CARTOONS - Hanna-Barbera Studio Tour!Click through the history of Hanna-Barbera Studios to see how your favoritetoons were born! See the faces behind the voices of the Flintstones andYogi Bear, plus check out vintage photos, sound effects, film clips andmore!

FAVORITES: New Favorites for August: Red Guy; Enzo; Dino; Lion-O; and HongKong Phooey. See their new homepages!

TRIVIA! - How Well Do You Know Your Toons? Last Month's Question was:Pebbles Flintstone proved she really was Daddy's little girl when shelearned to talk. What were Pebbles' first words? Answer: "Abba Dabba Doo!"This Month's Stumper: "Which cartoon was originally slated to be called'Mystery Five' and later 'Who's Scared?'" Think you have it figured out?The answer can be found somewhere on!

You can also look for the answer to this month's trivia question in CartoonNetworks' next newsletter. Sign up here!