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New version of Toonz 2D software released

Italy, Rome-based Digital Video S.R.L. has announced Toonz version 4.3,which provides 2D users with new tools to be more creative and efficient ontheir job. The digital exposure sheet is much more user friendly, includingmany new special effects, complete keyframe capabilities on all parameters,and enlarged number of mathematical expressions for more controllablemotion. Enhancements of display features include icons in the level headerarea for quick reference of elements. Texture mapping has been strengthenedwith the introduction of pins, which enables stretch, rotate or perspectivetracking. A new hook tool has been provided to keep characters from slidingacross a surface and also to attach an object level to an animated level.Rendering speed has been increased 40% in respect to previous versions. Thecurrent number of 32 inks and 128 paints have been increased to 256 inksand 256 paints, while old palettes are fully supported. The new Matteditmodule has been introduced, giving you the capability to create and editbit mapped images, overlays and mattes. Last, but not least: there is a newaggressively priced version for TV still providing the full array of Toonzfeatures. It has the same functionality of a Studio License, but locksoutput to TV resolution. For more information in North America, Also visit