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New version of TICTACTOON 2D software released

Montreal, Canada-based Toon Boom Technologies Inc. is now shipping version 2.3 of TicTacToon. Some of the features included on this new version are the ability to: customize and modify the aspect ratio of each scene at any stage of production; work on up to three levels of animation simultaneously; drag and drop entire columns of drawings with their cel names and timing to and from the Animation and Exposure Sheet modules; make order and timing changes quickly in either module through insert, replace or append options; and draw paintable rectangular zones to close outer edges of any drawing. While TicTacToon is designed for the production house seeking to replace traditional production methods with an entirely digital system, it can still be used as a scan, ink and paint solution that can be integrated into a traditional production chain. For more information contact Toon Boom Technologies Inc. at Tel. (514) 278-8666, or e-mail: