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New Training CD-ROM For Hash's Animation:Master Now Available

Anzovin Studio, a leading publisher of training materials for Hash's Animation:Master 3D animation software, has released a new instructional CD-ROM entitled MODEL A FACE WITH BILL YOUNG. Anzovin Studio's lead modeler and technical director, Bill Young, takes students step by step through the detailed process of modeling an anatomically accurate human face. Young's emphasis is on crafting efficient Hash splinage that doesn't just look good in stills but animates well, too. Topics include: roughing out the head; brow and orbits; inner and outer eye details; nose and nasolabial area; lips and mouth corners; jaw and ears; and tweaking difficult areas. The CD-ROM includes more than 2 hours of 800 x 600 QuickTime video, as well as all associated project files, models and rotoscopes. Viewers can try out each method as they follow along on the CD-ROM, which covers a range of beginning to advanced techniques. All samples are shown in Animation:Master 2003, the latest version of A:M, however, the material applies to earlier versions as well. MODEL A FACE WITH BILL YOUNG is available from Anzovin for US$35 and is compatible with Windows and Macintosh. It can be ordered from

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