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New Rigging Book Puts Muscle in CG

Award-winning 3D animator TJ Galda announces the publication of ADVANCED CHARACTER RIGGING, the first of a new series of books on the subject. The initial book explains how to create muscles and tendons using computer graphics software such as Autodesk's Maya, and is designed to make the techniques as accessible as possible, so that even beginners can create and animate lifelike muscles for their animated characters. ADVANCED CHARACTER RIGGING is available through digital publishing site and major outlets such as Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

Following a brief review of major topics related to the creation of CG characters, the book goes on to reveal Galda's new technique for constructing muscles and tendons, a system that reduces the complexity of the task. Galda says, "After being asked countless times about techniques, and having conducted speaking engagements around the world, I saw the need for this series. Creating characters for today's computer animation films is complex, and these books strive to make that process as simple as possible."

TJ Galda has worked as character technical director and studio technical supervisor on films including FANTASTIC FOUR, SHARK TALE, and OVER THE HEDGE, and also oversaw all art production at Electronic Arts Canada. He recently received the worldwide Autodesk Maya Master Award.