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New Movie Galvanizes Star Trek Franchise Phenomenon in Europe

Press Release from CPLG

Friday 8th May 2009, London, U.K. -- CPLG, Europe's leading rights agency, is delighted to announce its comprehensive licensing and promotions programme for STAR TREK as the buzz increases around today's release of the new movie directed by J.J. Abrams

CPLG is the European licensing agent for CBS Consumer Products, which owns the Star Trek brand. Reflecting the distinction of this evergreen franchise and the anticipation of the new movie, CPLG's licensing programme encompasses the existing, ardent fanbase as well as considering the new generation of fans.

Vivid Imaginations leads the way, distributing Playmates master toy line across the UK. Its range of figures, role play, accessories and playsets is complemented by deals including Underground Toys, which will be producing talking keychains; Halsall for wheeled toys; and Brothers Entertainment Merchandise which has been signed to produce U.S.S. ENTERPRISE bottle openers and keychains. Mobile phone accessories are being designed and produced by Lazerbilt, and Zap has come on board for bedding and blankets.

CPLG has also brokered a deal for the "Haynes Enterprise Manual," a unique collaboration between long-standing master publishing partner Simon & Schuster and Haynes Publishing, which will be brought to market in 2010. Recognising Haynes' unique approach to global phenomena such as STAR TREK, Simon & Schuster gave their blessing to the collaboration in an unprecedented move.

In turn, Haynes has created the ultimate guide to the ENTERPRISE, applying its famous 'step-by-step' approach of stripping the mothership down to its essentials and reassembling it with detailed illustrations under the expert guidance of editors, consultants and artists. The Manual is set to be a must buy for existing fans as well as those coming to the franchise through the new movie. Commenting on the deal, Susan Bolsover, CPLG's Category Director for Publishing and Paper product says: "This fantastic collaboration is a milestone for the STAR TREK franchise and comes at a time when the brand is experiencing heightened awareness. Haynes' unique style will bring something new and exciting to the world of STAR TREK."

CPLG has also brokered an exciting deal with Toshiba, which will use the new STAR TREK movie in its marketing campaign for the company's TVs, laptops and DVD players. In addition to advertising and POS materials, which will feature iconic movie stills, Toshiba is developing up to five exclusive designs for its laptops and portable DVD players, available to buy as part of a new product package or to be fitted to existing product. For added incentive to consumers, those purchasing a Toshiba product will automatically be entered into a competition to win a Zero Gravity Flight over the Nevada Desert -- the ultimate STAR TREK experience.

Commenting on the programme, Vickie O'Malley, CPLG Managing Director says: "We're very proud of the programme to accompany this new era for STAR TREK. The movie is simply fantastic and the prospects for a new franchise couldn't be better. Along with CBS, we're looking forward to an outstanding future for STAR TREK."