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New Metro Channel News Program Gets A Street Level Open Package

EyeballNYC has created a new ID package for New York Central, the Metro Channel's new late night show that provides New Yorkers with a daily fix of New York entertainment, gossip, lifestyle and culture. The 100+ element ID package reflects EyeballNYC's distinctive use of rapid-fire still photographs and edgy, flat graphic animation to simulate a typical New Yorker's blurred morning commute. When asked for one, EyeballNYC produced five show opens, with original music, as well as numerous ID elements, bumpers, lower thirds, credit beds and re-opens. "The entire package is our interpretation of the city, said Limore Shur, EyeballNYCs founder and creative director. We wanted it to be fun and playful and full of entertaining elements. Metro Channel was a terrific client. They asked for something entirely new and we happily ran with the ball." EyeballNYC shunned the typical linearity of flat plane travel footage for an associative visual metaphor of New York, combining photography with animation from a multi-perspective view that collapses time into a visual blur. Sequential still photos were used to create the trip effect, done with understanding that viewers will find many of the locations familiar. Senior Art Director Jodi Terwilliger added: "This approach sets the open design apart from other New York City type programs. The complete absence of beauty shots, the Empire State Building or the Statue of Liberty and of gratuitous appearances by limousines or of subways maps, creates an energetic view of street level city life that is a perfect complement to 'New York Central.'"