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New Manga video is based on Osamu Tezuka manga

Manga Video will release BLACK JACK in the US on June 29, 1999. Directed byOsamu Dezaki, this 1993 direct to video release from Japan is based on amanga by Osamu Tezuka that was first serialized in Japan from 1973-78.Tezuka is known as the father of animation and comic books in Japan, andspecifically as the creator of such TV series as ASTRO BOY and MARINE BOY,as well as award-winning shorts such as JUMPING. In BLACK JACK, Dr. BlackJack, an unlicensed but extremely successful surgeon, is a lone wolf whouses his talent to fight crime. During the Atlantis Olympics, a new breedof superhumans created by a corrupt scientist break world records, but theysoon fall victim to a degenerative disease. When Dr. Black Jack is calledupon to discover the cause of the disease, he discovers that the drug whichmade the mutants is also the cause of the virus. When the doctor contractsthe disease himself, he falls into a web of conspiracy and must raceagainst time to find a cure. Both English dubbed and subtitled versionswill be available. NB. Manga Video is marketing this release as being thefirst feature made by Tezuka, but this is incorrect . The first feature hedirected was the 1960 SAIYU-KI (known as ALAKAZAM THE GREAT in the US).Tezuka, by the way, died in 1990, three years before BLACK JACK wasreleased.