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New LightWave Update Released

NewTek Inc. announced the release of LightWave [ 6.5]b, a maintenance upgrade that enhances the speed and stability of LightWave [ 6.5 ], and also includes new features and functionality. Some of the new features included in the update are: speed and stability increases program-wide; new alert levels of beginner, intermediate, or advanced mode for error message displays; Open GL textures can now be displayed at a resolution of 1024 x 1024; the modeler's bank of layer buttons in the main window can be set to reference different sets of layers, making layer management easier; a new 'unparent' button, which allows the user to quickly and easily unparent an item; many workflow optimizations in the graph editor, allowing for better navigation and content management; new hypervoxels effects are included for velocity translate, dissipate, dissolve and dissolve and expand; new bones settings allow for much more intuitive and accurate control when working with bones; the LScript system is more robust and easier to use, and is now directly integrated into the core LightWave system; there are new custom objects in LightWave including CameraMask, FrameRate, RangeFinder and Speedometer; and there are new plug-ins available in LightWave [ 6.5]b - Decimate is a polygon reduction modeling plug-in and Vertex Paint is a vertex painting tool. The update is available immediately for download, and will be available in packaging upon duplication and distribution of the software. LightWave [6.5]b is available for Macintosh, including Mac OS X, and for Windows 95, 98, 2000, NT and XP, and is running on AMD, DecAlpha and Intel processors. NewTek is running special pricing through the month of July on LightWave [ 6.5 ] for Macintosh, and on other NewTek products for LightWave owners.