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New Jobs: Teachers, Interns, Assistants, And More...

Acme Filmworks is looking for a temporary PRODUCTION ASSISTANT. . .AnInteractive Entertainment Company is seeking an EXECUTIVE ASSISTANT.. .The Center for Advanced Digital Applications needs a CLINICALASSOCIATE PROFESSOR. . .Flyboy seeks a WRITER for series beingpitched to MTV, HBO and Comedy Central. . .New York's HEAVY islooking for a FLASH ANIMATION INTERN. . .Klasky Csupo, Inc. wants aRECRUITMENT INTERN. . .The Lansing Community College needs to fill afaculty position for ANIMATION/ MULTIMEDIA/ WEB DESIGN FACULTY. ..The NYU School of Continuing and Professional Studies is seeking aCLINICAL ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR. . .Brevard, North Carolina-basedPossumdog Productions needs an ANIMATION INTERN. . .Baltimore'sScreen Arts Animation needs INTERNS and APPRENTICES. . .Homewood,Illinois' StarToons International seeks a PRE-PRODUCTION ARTIST. ..Unbound Studios has put out a call for a SENIOR GAME DEVELOPER.

For more information about these and other jobs, check out AWN'sCareer Connections, the online Animation Job Fair.