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New Jobs: Camera, Lighting And Mocap Specialists, Digital Artists And More...

Hollywood, California's Acme Filmworks, a commercial animation studio, is looking for a PRODUCTION ASSISTANT to work with one of their directors for an upcoming spot. . . Porto Alegre, Brazil's Animaholics, a 3D animation company, is looking for an AGENT to represent them in the US advertising market. . . Montreal, Quebec, Canada's Animation Resource Group, a 3D animation company, is looking for a 3D LIGHTING & CAMERA SPECIALIST, 3D SENIOR COMPOSITING, 3D TEXTURE MAPPING SPECIALIST and SENIOR MOTION CAPTURE SPECIALIST. . . Los Angeles, California's Cornerstone Entertainment is looking for a CHARACTER ARTIST for pre-production work on an animated short. . . London, UK's Emailyourcv Interactive Media is looking for a 3D GAME PROGRAMMER, a JUNIOR GAME PROGRAMMER and GAMES ARTISTS to work on a new project based on a cult movie. For more information about these and other jobs, check out AWN's Career Connections, the online Animation Job Fair.