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New Jobs: Animators, Technical Directors, Visual Artists and More...

Rockstar Games Canada, a wholly owned subsidiary of Take-Two

Interactive Software based in Oakville, ON, Canada, is looking for a

3D MODELER; an ANIMATOR, to create video game characters for

PlayStation 2; and a PROGRAMMER, to help develop real-time video

games for a next generation gaming console. . . Motion Media is

seeking an EDITOR and DEMO ARTIST with NT NLE experience. . .

Blackbox Digital is looking for a COMPOSITOR, with experience in

Chalice, Shake or After Effects. . . Kleiser-Walczak is seeking a 3D



SUPERVISOR, for placement at one of three studios in NY, western MA,

and Hollywood, CA. . . The Production Plant, a 3D animation company,

is looking for a SOFTIMAGE RENDER MANAGER that can also do I/O for a

film project already in-house. . . Graphic Nature, Ltd., a visual

effects and production company in the Burbank (CA) area, is looking

for 3D CHARACTER ANIMATORS and MODELERS for an animated TV

teaser-pilot. . . . Lost Boys Studios, Vancouver (Canada), is seeking

a MANAGING DIRECTOR, with experience in VFX, post, production,

advertising or related field. . . Digital Domain, in Venice, CA, is


FX ANIMATORS. . . Filmtecknarna is seeking an experienced FREELANCE

TECHNICAL DIRECTOR. . . Sight Effects/In-Sight Pix, a Venice based,

CA, visual FX house, seeks an experienced MAYA ANIMATOR for high end

commercial production. . . Turner Studios, in Atlanta, is seeking a

SENIOR 3D ANIMATOR, with experience in modeling, animating and

lighting. . . Company Name Withheld, a West Los Angeles visual

effects and Internet company, seeks an ASSISTANT for the president

and chief animation officer. . . R!OT/POP, an SGI-based

post-production and effects house, has an open EVENING SHIFT I/O

POSITION. . ., a leading teen news and issues Web site

supporting Channel One Network, is looking for a GRAPHIC DESIGNER to

create very hip, teen-culture graphics and Web page layouts and

design ad banners. . . News In Motion, a broadcast and on-line news

animation service, is looking for a creative GRAPHIC DESIGNER for the

nationally syndicated broadcast news operation. . . Slingshot

Networks is seeking a WEB DESIGNER for interface design and motion

graphics for broadcast and a talented MOTION DESIGNER. . .

So!much[design] is looking to hire a GRAPHIC LINE PRODUCER. . . The

Mclellan Multimedia Group, in Toronto (Canada), is looking for an

M-100 EDITOR, an AFTER EFFECTS ARTIST and an ON-LINE EDITOR. . . is looking for more talented AFTER EFFECTS

ARTISTS. . . yU+co, in Hollywood (CA), is looking for a FREELANCE

INFERNO/FLAME ARTIST to create high profile film title sequences,

television commercials and SPFX sequences for film and television. .

. FDG, a live-action/broadcast design production company committed to

advancing the fields of visual science, is continuously seeking

strong, talented and enthusiastic FREELANCE BROADCAST DESIGNERS for

various projects. . . New York-based Softcom, a leading provider of

interactive video solutions, is seeking experienced WEB DESIGNERS and

a PRODUCER. . . Random/Order is looking for a unique group of

talented people to fulfill important INFORMATION ARCHITECT slots,

plus an ITV DESIGN DIRECTOR and ITV DESIGNERS to collaborate on

creating cutting-edge visual interactive content for the convergence

of broadband television and the Internet. . . The Cutting Room, a hip

film and video editorial boutique, is looking for a WEB SITE

DESIGNER. . . R/GA Interactive, a New York-based interactive design

firm, is looking for ART DIRECTORS, a SENIOR DESIGNER, a DESIGNER and

a SENIOR PRODUCTION ARTIST. . . Fox Philadelphia is seeking a 3D

GRAPHIC ARTIST to work in the development of on-air graphics. . .

FireWorks Motion Media, Miami's leading special effects boutique and

broadcast design company is searching for a talented 3D ARTIST with

experience with Softimage 3D.

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