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New Jobs: Animators, Editors, Visual Effects Artists And More...

Warren, Ohio's Advantage Video Productions, a commercial and industrial production house, is looking for a NON LINEAR EDITOR. . . New York, New York's A.F.I., a production company, is looking for a NEW MEDIA ARTIST (video editor creative) for an educational video. . . South Carolina's Animink Incorporated is looking for a 3D CHARACTER MODELER & ANIMATOR, CHARACTER DESIGNER, CLEAN-UP ARTIST, COMPOSITOR, IN-BETWEEN ANIMATOR, INK & PAINTER, KEY ANIMATOR, VISUAL EFFECTS ARTIST and WEB DESIGNER. . . Hyderabad, India's Colorchips India Ltd. is looking for an INBETWEENER. . . Hollywood, California's Digital Firepower, a studio that designs and creates 2D/3D Matte environments and paintings, is looking for 2D/3D MATTE ARTISTS who come from a traditional art background. . . Luxembourg's Oniria Pictures, producers of animated features and TV series, is looking for a 3D RENDERING ARTIST for a 52x13 minutes TV series. . . Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia's Persistence of Vision (POV) is looking for a SUPERVISING 3D ANIMATOR. . . Los Angeles, California's XOW!, developers and producers of curriculum and instructional software for fine art and animation, is looking for a PRODUCTION MANAGER.

For more information about these and other jobs, check out AWN's Career Connections, the online Animation Job Fair.