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New Jobs: Animators, Directors, Visual Artists And More...

Cambridge, UK-based Kelseus Limited, a software company, is looking

for 3D ANIMATORS and/or MODELERS to create character animation using

cutting-edge techniques. . . Venice, California-based Max Ink Cafe is


ACTION COMPOSITOR with experience in Digital Fusion, AfterEffects or

comparable applications and a SYSTEM ADMINISTRATOR. . . Los Angeles,

California-based Phenix Touch, a start up company, is looking for 3D

MAX CHARACTER ANIMATORS/MODELERS for a full CG animation series. . .

Frankfurt/Main, Germany-based Clayart, a brand of Scopas Medien AG,

is looking for a DIRECTOR, a PRODUCER and ANIMATORS for a TV-Sitcom

with stop-motion characters. . . West Hollywood, California-based PTM

Productions Inc., a visual post production and effects house, is

looking for an evening SYSTEMS ADMINISTRATOR-ENGINEER. . . London,

England-based Granada Media Interactive is looking for a FLASH

ANIMATOR to work on weekly TV based animation as well as web

projects. . . Pleasanton, California-based FunMail, Inc., a company

that has built is a text-to-animation engine, s looking for ANIMATOR

to help map language to animation. . . Side Effects Software is

looking for TECHNICAL SUPPORT STAFF to support their in-house Houdini

3D animation software. . . SCIFI.COM is looking for an ILLUSTRATOR

and/or a FLASH ANIMATOR for on-line original series. . . New York

University's Center for Advanced Digital Applications is seeking

qualified PART-TIME INSTRUCTORS. . . Santa Clarita, California-based

CalArts School of Film/Video seeks candidates for a part time FACULTY

POSITION teaching stop motion to graduate and undergraduate students

in their experimental animation program. . . Nick Digital

Labs/Nickelodeon s looking for a UNIX/NT ADMINISTRATOR for 3D/2D

digital laboratory. . . Los Angeles, California-based Films9

Production, a start-up Internet/television animation company, is

seeking VOICE ACTORS for upcoming project.

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