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New Jobs: Animators, Directors, Instructors And More...

Gothenburg, Sweden's 3rd Dimension is looking for a SOFTWARE DEVELOPER to help create a Maya interface aimed towards 3D Studio Max, Maya, Lightwave and Softimage users. . . Tehran, Iran's Alian Shiveh Co. Ltd, an animation studio, is looking for a 3D ANIMATOR. . . Blue's Clues-Nickelodeon in New York is looking for an EXECUTIVE ASSISTANT to a supervising animation director and animation producer. . . Ireland's Clockwork Monkey Media is looking for a COMIC BOOK ARTIST/WRITER to work on series that they plan on publishing this year. . . Century City, California's EMA Multimedia, Inc. is looking for a FLASH ANIMATOR for a CD-ROM project. . . Berlin, Germany's Hahn Film AG, a leading animation company in Europe, is looking for an ANIMATION DIRECTOR and a CHARACTER DESIGNER for a feature film. . . London, UK's ITS, a leading post-production house, is looking for a 3D ANIMATOR (MAYA). . . Los Angeles, California's is looking for an ANIMATOR for a 10-15 second 2D Japanese animation clip. . . Miramichi, New Brunswick, Canada's NBCC Miramichi, a post-secondary training center, is looking for an INSTRUCTOR - 3D GRAPHICS. . . Jerusalem, Israel's Tzohar Production is looking for a MAYA CHARACTER ANIMATOR for a miniseries. For more information about these and other jobs, check out AWN's Career Connections, the online Animation Job Fair.