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New Jobs: Animators, Digital Artists, Directors, Visual Artists And More...

Norrköping, Sweden-based UDS, an interactive entertainment developer,

is looking for a 2D ANIMATOR to create content and animations for

online/wireless and PC games. . . Cambridge, UK-based Kelseus

Limited, a 3D computer graphics software company, is looking for 3D

PROGRAMMERS to join their R&D team. . . San Francisco,

California-based Mondo Media, a successful new media company that

creates, develops, and syndicates animated entertainment, is looking

for an ANIMATION DIRECTOR. . . Seattle-based AtomFilms, a leader in

next generation entertainment, is looking for an ANIMATION PRODUCTION

MANAGER to support the Animation Acquisition and Original Production

team. . . Burbank, California-based Rich-Crest Animation is looking

for a BACKGROUND PAINTER/ILLUSTRATOR for upcoming productions.

Something Non-Disney. . . Lake Forest, California-based Vicon Motion

Systems, a leader in optical motion-capture technology, is looking

for a CHARACTER ANIMATOR with an engineering degree and experience in

3D character animation. . . Mass Media Interactive & Matahari

Creative, a new animation company involved in broadcast animation and

Webtoons, is looking for a CHARACTER DESIGNER. . . Halifax, Nova

Scotia, Canada-based The Animatrix Academy of Animation, an in-house

career college, is looking for a CLASSICAL ANIMATOR/INSTRUCTOR to

train animators for a production for a Web-broadcasting station. . .

West Hollywood, California-based Toybox L.A. is looking for FREELANCE

COMPOSITORS. . . New York-based Clubhouse Studios, LLC., a premier

entertainment production, marketing and licensing company in Silicon

Alley, is looking for an INTERN. Possible future employment. . . New

York-based Andy Brick is looking for a LEAD ANIMATOR to work on an

animation based on a classic story from the repertoire of children's

literature. . . Cinemagic is looking for a highly talented, highly

motivated & career-driven RED HOT MOTION DESIGNER. . . Hollywood,

California-based Acme Filmworks, a commercials animation studio, is

looking for a RUNNER/PA. . . Brooklyn, New York-based Kipp Miller

Productions, Inc. is looking for a SPECIAL FX/MAKE-UP DESIGNER for a

short film shooting October 6-9, 2000.

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